At Matea Homes, we are all about building homes you'll truly love to live in.

45Years of combined experience

At Matea Homes, we live and breathe quality and every single thing we do is done because it will help us produce only the very best results for our clients. We know it is the detail that makes all the difference and so our basic standard inclusions are based on best practice rather than minimum industry requirements and we will never compromise quality to cut corners on site.

It is why we can confidently say that we deliver a tailored, collaborative building experience and an outstanding luxury finish that our clients are proud to call home. We take pride in our work, strive for excellence and create innovative designs. 

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Our Process


Our Philosophy

Our passion for architectural design and quality construction led to the creation of Matea Homes. We at Matea Homes aim for a holistic solution that integrates creative bespoke designs with quality construction, whilst minimising the expense of fully documented architectural designs and construction costs.


Concept Design

From project conception, Matea Homes offers our clients an experienced design team to help transform their concepts and ideas into a documented design.


Design Development

As the concept design is developed, we invite our clients to be involved in the design process through interactive design workshops. This process allows to finlaise the concepts, passion, personality and emotions of our clients to be embedded into the design through the experience and expertise of our designers.


Cost Planning

With the design signed off, Matea Homes provides an itemised quotation for the construction works. By offering the design and construct service we understand exactly how we are going to construct the design and therefore accurately design the project from concept stage, to our client’s budget, eliminating the majority of construction and cost over run issues.


Interior Design

As a project transitions from design into construction, there are many critical decisions and selections to be made. Matea Homes years of experience allow us to comprehend the enormity of this process and therefore dedicate an interior designer to help develop the overall feel for your project and help with your individual selections.



Our highly experienced construction team, transform the design into reality, with great care and attention to detail. At Matea Homes we believe that our reputation is in the detail, the detail of design and especially the detail of quality workmanship and construction. Therefore we use only quality tradesmen and contractors and accept nothing other than the best for our clients.